Are balcony staterooms safe with children?

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Is there a way to keep my kids safe on the balcony?

This question was answered on our Q & A Wednesday show on July 12, 2017.
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Enjoying the beauty of being at sea or port-of-call from a private balcony is a great experience a cruise. I know many parents are concerned about having a balcony when traveling with their kids. While it goes without saying you’d never want to leave your children unattended on the balcony, the railings are set high enough that they are not just going to fall over. Keeping chairs or tables away from the edge of the railing is a good idea if your children are climbers. The doors to balconies on most cruise ships have some type of child safety latch, so that from the interior of the room, it is not easy to open the door and get outside. If you are really concerned, maybe place a piece of furniture in front of the door to block it.