Can I request a room upgrade?

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Do cruise lines offer room upgrades?

This question was answered on our Q & A Wednesday show on July 12, 2017.
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People have become accustomed to asking for upgrades just about everywhere. With cruises, you’re more likely to receive an upgrade well before your departure date. Automatic upgrades are almost non-existent these days as cruise lines would rather sell that higher category than give it away. If you want an upgrade, you’ll likely need to ask for it. Watch your sailing for any price decreases for categories you’re interested in. If the price for the higher category is the same or less than what you paid, many cruise lines will allow you to move to that category at the same rate, but this may only be an option if you are outside of penalties. You may also receive upsell opportunities, where the cruise lines will offer you higher accommodations for a reduced price. Don’t expect an upgrade at the port of embarkation, most of the time ships are completely sold out, especially during peak travel times.