MSC Cruises Details Experiences on New Private Island

ocean cay marine reserve

MSC Cruises new private Bahamian island destination, scheduled to open November 9, 2019 promises to offer a haven for beach goers. Ocean Cay, located just 65 miles south of Miami, will feature uninterrupted ocean views, crystal clear waters, soft white sandy beaches with blue skies and sunshine. Creating a flourishing marine reserve: With Ocean Cay (pronounced key), MSC Cruises is transforming a former industrial sand-extraction site into a vibrant marine reserve. The company has hauled tons of debris out of the surrounding waters and a coral nursery is being established…

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MSC Cruises Private Island Ocean Cay removed from Itineraries

UPDATE: Feb 20, 2018 – Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is now showing up on the October 28, 2019 sailing for MSC Meraviglia. This 13 Night cruise sails from New York and will re-position the MSC Meraviglia to Miami. The call to Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is scheduled for Saturday November 9, 2019 with an arrival time of 9:00 AM and departure at 11:00 PM. MSC Cruises’ private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve in the Bahamas has been mysteriously removed from all open sailings until March 2019. No specific reason has…

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