Carnival Reveals The Gateway For New Ship Celebration

Carnival Celebration - The Gateway
Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line’s next ship, Carnival Celebration, will feature The Gateway, an entirely new area on two decks that celebrates travel and the excitement of exploring new destinations.

The zone revealed during a virtual press conference today will have designs and décor inspired by grand terminals, transportation stations and departure points around the world, the entertainment, dining and shopping zone will feature a promenade highlighted by 12 high-definition multimedia virtual windows displaying unique scenes. The 9.5’ by 5’ windows and the nearly 100’ LED ceiling will be complemented by show lighting and a state-of-the-art sound system to create a truly immersive experience throughout the zone.

Carnival Celebration - The Gateway

By day, guests will be entertained with relaxing scenes like a sunny sky, but by night, the zone will take varying nightly themes, transporting guests to far-off places throughout the world. Some of the theme nights will include Abroad in Europe, Far East Voyage and Mexico Lindo.

Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line said:

“The Gateway was created to celebrate the enriching experience we all feel when traveling – not only because of the destinations we travel to, but also the world of cultures we get to explore,”

“We have millions of guests and team members who come from around the world to have fun together and create a welcoming and inclusive environment while sailing to new places – that is the beauty of traveling, especially on a Carnival ship, and that is what this zone will celebrate.”

The Gateway’s main promenade will be home to a new travel-inspired bar concept, Latitudes. Latitudes will be reminiscent of a classic airport or train station with travel-themed chairs, menus and a mechanical split-flap display board, a modern take on the classic “departures” board that is being custom built by Oat Foundry in Philadelphia. Uniquely designed to come to life periodically with motion and sounds, including the familiar clack clack sound that sparks memories of past travels, the board will change to display the bar’s daily menu offerings and will include messages to support the imagery on the surrounding virtual windows. Offerings will include cocktails, spirits and wines from destinations around the world as well as special tastings and samplers.

Carnival Celebration - Latitudes Bar

The Gateway will also include the second seagoing restaurant by world-renowned chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse, Emeril’s Bistro 1397, but this time, with a twist – and we’re not just talking about the new name of the venue to represent this ship’s hull number. The menu will not only feature guest-favorites from Mardi Gras but will also offer the best of international cuisines and flavors presented with a special Carnival flair for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant will boast seating along the promenade’s walkway as well as a dedicated and more intimate dining area with ocean views.

Carnival Celebration - Emeril's Bistro 1397

The Gateway is the final zone aboard Carnival Celebration, joining 820 Biscayne, Celebration Central, The Ultimate Playground, Summer Landing, and Lido zones.

Carnival Celebration arrives at her year-round home at PortMiami starting November 2022. For more details, visit Carnival Cruise Line’s website.

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