What are the advantages of different types of balcony rooms?

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Why should I select certain types of balcony rooms?

This question was answered on our Cruise IQ show on August 29, 2017.
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While the availability of balcony staterooms on cruise ships has increased significantly over the last decade, not all balcony types and locations are created equal. On most of today’s ships, you will find that the majority of accommodations include balconies. Standard balconies can be located either forward midship or aft and typically have enough space for two chairs and a small table. Hump balconies are located on ships where a part of the hull extends outwards. The advantages to hump balconies is that are usually larger and in some cases, offer enough space for a lounger. Aft balconies are those that offer a view of the ship’s wake. In addition to the amazing view, they may also be larger and can sometimes offer an exposed section for those that like more sun. Wraparound balconies are found on the forward and aft port and starboard sides of the ship. Their advantage is typically their size, being some of the largest balconies available. They also offer the unique vantage of views both forward or aft and from the side of the ship. If you’re interested in any of these unique balconies, be prepared to book early as they get snagged up sometimes a year or two in advance.