What do I bring with me when going off the ship?

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I am nervous about what I need to have with me with I get off the ship in port.

This question was answered on our Cruise IQ show on December 18, 2017.
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Whether you’ve booked an excursion or looking to explore a new port on your own, there are some items to make certain you have with you before leaving the ship. All guests are required to have their cruise card in hand as you leave the ship and upon your return. The card will be linked to the ships manifest and they will use this to cross-reference and verify when you leave and return back to the ship. Any guest over the age of 16 should also bring their drivers license or other state-issued photo identification. Unless you are specifically required to do so, leave your passport in your room safe onboard the ship. Instead, make a copy of the phot page to bring with you or store an electronic version on a smart phone or tablet. If you have purchased travel insurance (and we strongly recommend that you do so), bring a copy of the insurance policy details page. This is usually one page that highlights the varying amounts of coverage you have, the policy number and whom to contact in case any emergency assistance is required. If you need to go to a doctor or hospital, having this information handy will speed up the administrative process and get you taken care of more quickly. Make sure to bring along a supply of any medications you are taking and have the details of your prescriptions written down. Again, if you have an emergency situation, this can assist you in getting help faster. Know the name and contact number for the ship’s agent in port and absolutely make sure you know the correct time to be back onboard. These details are usually printed on your daily itinerary planner, so just bring a copy with you. In case of rain or if you plan to be on, near or in the water, bring along various sizes of zip seal type bags to help protect your electronics and anything ese you don’t want to get wet.