How can I combat boredom on my cruise?

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I like to keep busy. Will I get bored on a cruise ship?

This question was answered on our Q & A Wednesday show on August 2, 2017.
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While it can be quite unthinkable that someone could ever get bored on a cruise, it can happen and many times it could have been prevented. Each cruise line and even ships within the same fleet can vary in their offerings and appeal to specific guests. Make sure that the ship you are planning to cruise on has enough of the activities, entertainment and even variety of foods you enjoy. If you are traveling with family members or in group don’t forget to take everyone’s tastes into account. Just as the saying goes about one bad apple spoiling the bunch, one bored member of your party, especially a child, can quickly bring the vibe down for everyone else. The simplest way to decide the likelihood of getting bored on a specific cruise, is to consider what your interests are at home or when you have traveled before and match those interests with onboard venues, activities and events.