Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides

We’re counting down the Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides that’ll have you slip-sliding your way to the wettest, wild fun at sea.


As more cruise ships are raising the bar on exciting things to do onboard, we’ve seen an explosion of new water parks and slides from just about every major family-focused cruise line. Not only have we seen these watery wonderlands coming onboard new ships, but many dry dock refurbishments include major redesigns to include some incredible new attractions.

Highlighting the best of the best, we present our list of the Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides.

(10) Vertigo

MSC Cruises has been adding bigger and better water parks to each of their ships in recent years. At 394 feet, Vertigo onboard MSC Preziosa is one of the longest water slides at sea. Snaking around the ship’s funnel, this slide features great lighting effects, a 30 foot clear section over the side of the ship and 42 feet of drop from start to finish.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Vertigo (MSC Preziosa)

(9) Speedway Splash

Onboard Carnival Sunshine, you’ll enjoy one of the biggest Carnival WaterWorks in the fleet. Carnival guests are used to fun water slides, but when Carnival Destiny was transformed into Carnival Sunshine in 2013, the cruise line went big on the splashing thrills and chills. Along with the signature twister waterslide, Speedway Splash puts riders head-to-head in a timed race. The dual 235-foot long slides feature quick turns, lighting effects and even checkered flag sections to amp up the competitive fun of challenging friends and family to splashing speed superiority.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Speedway Splash (Carnival Sunshine)

(8) Supercell

Royal Caribbean has been pulling out the stops to introduce some of the most exciting and unique water slides at sea. While Supercell is not the first champagne bowl slide on a cruise ship, it certainly takes the experience up a few notches. It starts with a long walk up to the loading platform where you’ll get an incredible view over the ship. From the moment you enter the transparent tube, you’ll get the sensation of height as you’re briefly suspended 10 decks above Central Park. Available on Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas and recently amped-up Oasis of the Seas, Supercell is fast with quick turns, before you get shot out into the bowl, plunge down the drain and into the landing pad.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Supercell (Harmony, Symphony & Oasis of the Seas)

(7) AquaDuck

As the first of its kind at sea when introduced and found onboard Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, AquaDuck is part water coaster, part lazy river, taking guests on a thrilling wet and wild ride. Starting from within the ship’s aft funnel, riders make their way over the side of the ship on a two-person raft, then get propelled through two water jet incline sections, before shooting down the clear tube through the forward funnel and back around the other side of the ship all while enjoying incredible views.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
AquaDuck (Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy)

(6) Green Thunder

The menacing drop slide Green Thunder, found onboard Carnival Spirit, Pride, Legend & Miracle takes the thrill factor way up as it plummets you way down. The 187-foot-long slide pulls the floor from under its riders and drops them 34 feet while reaching speeds of up to 25 mph. Blasting through the inside of the green translucent tube, it ends with splashing jolt. The ride on Green Thunder is quick, but the sensation will linger.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Green Thunder (Carnival Pride, Legend, Spirit, Miracle)

(5) Riptide

Face the awesome thrills head-on with Riptide, cruising’s only headfirst mat racer, added to Navigator of the Seas during her massive 2019 amplification. While riding belly-down on a thin mat, Riptide puts riders closer to the water, so close in fact, that they’ll feel the lightly stinging water spray on their face all the way down to an exhilarating finish through a translucent tube.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Riptide (Navigator of the Seas)

(4) AquaDunk

Exclusive to Disney Magic, the AquaDunk plunges guests on a fast and wild ride. The countdown to fun begins in 3, 2, 1 before the floor drops sending riders over the edge of the ship and through 212 feet of twisting slippery slide, finishing with a super soaking splashdown.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
AquaDunk (Disney Magic)

(3) Tidal Wave

The one and only boomerang slide at sea, Tidal Wave, found onboard Liberty of the Seas, is perfect for adventure seekers. Tidal Wave features a steep drop that sends riders up a near vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness then backwards into free fall and splashdown.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Tidal Wave (Liberty of the Seas)

(2) Ocean Loops

Norwegian Cruise Line has improved upon the already exciting drop slide, with Ocean Loops. Found onboard Norwegian Joy, Bliss and Encore, Ocean Loops starts with the nerve-racking uncertainly of when will you drop, then you hit the mind-shaking double loops while flying over the side of the ship through the clear tube sections high above the oceans’ surface. Is that vertigo setting in?

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
Ocean Loops (Norwegian Joy, Bliss & Encore)

(1) The Blaster

Combining the wet with the wild, Navigator of the Seas main attraction water slide, The Blaster, is the first aqua coaster onboard Royal Caribbean and the longest slide at sea.. Grab your two-person raft and ride the more than 800 feet of water blasting inclines, heart-pounding drops and tight turns while you crisscross in and around the sports deck below.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Water Slides
The Blaster (Navigator of the Seas)

Do you have a favorite water slide at sea? Let us know in the comments.


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