Making the Most of Your First Day Onboard a Cruise

Embarkation Day

Whether your cruise is 3 nights or 7 nights, embarkation day should count as one of your days to enjoy the ship. We’ve put other our guide to make the most of Day One regardless of which port you are departing from or your itinerary. Arrive Early Always plan to arrive early to the port on embarkation day. You’ve paid to enjoy your first day onboard and you want that day to start as soon as possible. For cruises departing between 3-5 pm, try to get to the port by…

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How to know if You’re Getting a Good Cruise Deal

When booking a cruise you are presented with many choices, such as, when to go, where to go, what kind of accommodations and you can even select the promotion you want. With all those choices required at the time you make your booking, wouldn’t it also be great to know whether you are getting a good or even a great cruise deal right from the start. General Guidelines for the Best Cruise Deal Let’s start with general guidelines to follow in order to maximize your potential for receiving the best…

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Tips to get the Best Price on a Cruise

Getting the best cruise prices has a lot to do with when and how you book it. There are always promotions or offers available, but how do you know if your price and promotion is the best one? Compare Prices from more than One Source Unless you have a trusted travel agent or consultant at a cruise line, who you know always gets you the best deal, shopping various sources can give you a clearer view of actual prices in the marketplace and allow you to gauge if a particular…

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